• ⇢ basics & facts

    ⭐️ Ellie was born in New York, NY and lived with her biological parents until the age of 3. She was rescued from an abusive household and adopted by Jane and Joshua Russo.

    ⭐️ A willful child, Ellie questioned authority from an early age. "Because I said so" was no good reason for the girl to do anything. She looked up to her parents, but required to be treated as an equal.

    ⭐️ Her issues with authority also manifested at school, landing her at the principal's office several times, as well as being suspended from classes.

    ⭐️ She had a difficult time making friends (and keeping them). Up until she was 15, Ellie had herself and the residents of Hallowed Hills for company. As she matured, she made few and cherished friends.

    ⭐️ Despite her difficulty in keeping close relationships, Ellie is skilled in cloaking her abandonment issues with an extroverted personality. The louder she is, the less people pay attention to what she's hiding.

    ⭐️ She's very close to her family and doesn't think straight when it comes to them. Impulsive decisions are common for Ellie, which often leads to trouble.

    ⭐️ She's one of four siblings, all adopted and in varying age ranges. She has two brothers (older & younger) and a sister (younger).

    ⭐️ Her relationship issues are deepened by having been in an abusive relationship during most of her teen years. Since it ended in 2011, she's taken steps to help herself into a healthier mindframe. The consequences of that relationship are still very present in her day-to-day dealings and demeanor.

    ⭐️ Personality-wise, she's someone who actively works to focus on the positive, while still battling demons she's not ready to share with the world. She's outgoing and friendly, but has several triggers and touchy subjects that can send her into a tailspin without much warning.

    ⭐️ Passionate and enthusiastic about most things, she can be a bit too intense for some. Though prone to mistakes for her impulsivity and letting her emotions guide her, very rarely is there any malicious intent behind her actions.

    ⭐️ Ellie's not religious, but she considers herself highly spiritual. Esotericism-friendly, she's open and vocal about her beliefs, despite knowing it's a delicate subject.

    ⭐️ She had her first "Shift" in January and has been dealing with all the changes it's brought into her life and how it's already altered her personality and reactions.

  • ⇢ autobiography

    Where do I even start in telling you the story of my life? I'm Ellie Russo, supposedly born on August 1, 1990. Supposedly, I say, because no one really knows for sure. There's very little record of my first three years here. So we'll have to skip the sunny afternoon birth stories and get straight to the toddler crawling days. It's not that big of a time jump, but I want to give you the full picture of where this mess started.

    I was adopted by a nice couple from New York right around my third birthday. I have no memory of this, but I choose to accept it in good faith. My parents are Jane and Joshua Russo, an adorable and charitable couple who dedicate their lives to helping others. If that wasn't clear by the myriad of children they made theirs, then The Hallowed Hills House should leave no doubt.

    The Hallowed Hills, as it's popularly known, is a facility that cares for the mentally ill. Growing up around crazy people ("Don't call them crazy, Ellie.") taught me at a very young age that, up-close, no one is normal. "Abnormality" is something to be respected. I get a lot of pearl-clutching when I talk about this, but all my favorite people have some degree of crazy in them. I mean, they do their shit despite whatever everyone else says they should be doing.

    I've never been very good at sticking to the script. As a child, there was no Sunday dress that survived my escapades. I think up until I got through my teens, there was some concern from my parents that I might end up in jail or in a ditch. Pfft, a little credit, right? Like I'd ever get caught.

    And I didn't. I made it all through my childhood and teens without dying--not even once! Mom used to joke that I was a cat with nine lives, because there sure were some close calls. But here I am, a supposed adult at the tender age of 25. I do all the adult things that are expected of me. I have a residence that I share with my best friend, I have a source of income that keeps that roof over my head, I have friends and an okay social life. I'm a mildly well-adjusted adult.

    But that's the thing, right? "Well-adjusted" is just a way of saying you don't really belong. Well-adjusted means cropping, hiding or painting over everything that makes you different. I love my parents, I love my siblings and I love my life. Maybe that's why it's so hard to acknowledge that somewhere in that happiness, there's the nagging feeling that something's missing.

    For a long time, I wanted nothing to do with my biological parents. I didn't ask about their names, why they gave me up, where they were from. I was happy with a family that chose me, every day. I don't know when that changed.

    Not the happiness part. It's kind of sicknening how Fullhouse-happy the Russos are. But my biological parents... I have questions now. It's been a few years since I started wondering. Doesn't everyone wonder? How much of who they are is really them? It's just genetics, and we're not defined by it, science says. But is it really just genetics?

    Little did I know 2016 would be the year all my questions got answered...and then some. Join me as I discover a past that's not quite all in the past.

  • ⇢ comicverse

    Elsa Bloodstone 👊 Monster Hunter

    *from marvel.wikia.com

    Elsa said she comes from 'a line of near-immortal monster hunters', and had been trained by her father and an android nanny called 'Hate Mother' to fight supernatural evils since infancy. Her relationship with Ulysses Bloodstone seemed to have been wildly abusive.

    Elsa lived in Bloodstone Manor with her mother and ally Adam the Frankenstein Monster, she had befriended Charles Barnabus a pureblood vampire lawyer and executor of the Bloodstone estate. Pursuing a monster-hunting occupation, she began an online blog to create an electronic encyclopedic reference guide for the numerous monsters and alien beasts in the world.


    According to Elsa, she had some of the Bloodgem power via a genetic inheritance from her father, and it was present in her blood, indicating that she didn't only gain power via the Bloodstone Choker, but was born with power. She has an unspecified level of super strength, she has demonstrated immunity to vampire bites, her blood will destroy a vampire if consumed, the original Bloodgem fragment itself was an anathema to vampires.


    An expert at most forms of firearm and melee weapon.


    Removable Bloodstone on a choker.

    Numerous guns. Often uses Uzis and assault rifles.

  • ⇢ tie-ins

    🔗 Born Ellie Bloom, she has the same initials and similar name to her CV, Elsa Bloodstone.

    🔗 Both were born in New York, NY.

    🔗 Both had abusive childhoods. It is said that Bloodstone's father (Ulysses) dropped toddler Elsa into a pit with a monster, armed only with a spoon and that when her parents were absent she was trained by a robot/torture device called "Hate Mother". In AU, Ellie survived abusive parents up until the age of 3, when child services took her away and put her in the care of the Russos. Ellie doesn't remember any of it.

    🔗  Both are trained in combat or weaponry.

    🔗 Both were college students. Ellie's major was in Archeology, as is rumored Elsa's was. Ellie dropped out a year in.

    🔗 Both wrote a blog about monsters, legends and myths. Ellie loves reading about the folklore and history behind each legend.

    🔗 Both are good strategists with excellent survival instincts. Ellie was an active child and teenager, and got into plenty of perilious situations that she was able to escape because of her instincts and sharp reflexes..

    🔗 Her biological father passed away and left her and her biological mother a considerable estate.

    🔗 Along with the property, Ellie also inherited a bloodgem choker.

    🔗 Like Elsa, Ellie's biological mother is English.

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